Ionising eyecare treatment

This treatment is a restorative treatment for refreshing and rejuvenating sensitive skin around the eyes. The skin in this area is fragile (less than 30% the thickness of facial skin), short of elastin and collagen fibres, has poor blood circulation and is prone to dehydration. These characteristics can lead to wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark circles or shadows and puffiness.

The treatment works by
improving the lymph drainage
stimulating micro circulation
lifting, nourishing and strengthening the tissues
increasing the oxygen supply to the epidermal and dermal tissues.

The two stage treatment uses a cooling Gel Masque and an Eye Cream. The masque, enriched with vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and plant extracts, is applied over the entire eye area (with eyes closed) and introduced into the skin by using small rollers conducting a gentle galvanic electric current. This is followed by a soothing pressure point massage all around the eyes using the Ionic Eye Cream which contains extracts of jojoba, avocado, comfrey and arnica.

The treatment can be taken on its own or incorporated into an Ionic Eye Facial for an even more relaxing experience.

Ionising Eye Treatment   £35          course of 6 eye treatments   £175
Ionising Eye Facial  (includes cleansing, steam & Monu masque)   £53

This treatment is not suitable for pregnant clients