Before waxing, hair must be long enough to allow the wax to grip it and pull it out, otherwise short hairs will be left behind and the skin will not feel smooth. Usually 2-3 weeks hair growth is required on average if you have been shaving.
Please do not apply any body lotion or oil immediately before a waxing appointment as this will make the process less effective. Also be aware that skin can be sensitive for up to 24 hours after waxing. We will therefore give you aftercare advice when you come for your waxing appointment.

Half leg wax  (ankle to knee)   £19
3/4 leg wax £25
Full leg wax  (ankle to top of thigh)   £32
Classic bikini line wax  (up to knicker line)   £15
High bikini line  (high leg knicker line and underneath)   £19
Brazilian  (landing strip)   £27
Hollywood (all hair removed) £33
Underarms   £11

Lip or chin wax   £11         Lip and chin  £18         Sides of face £11
Half arm wax  (to just above elbow)   £14
Full arm wax  (up to and including shoulder)   £21
Chest or back wax   £25