Body massage

We use MonuSpa blended oils for our massage, with the exception of Aromatherapy and MonuSpa candle massage. Choose from Warming Ginger (ginger, lemongrass & orange), Relaxing Bali (sandalwood & rosewood) or Calming Vanilla (vanilla & citrus). Please be aware that certain medical conditions could exclude you from having a massage treatment, which we would discuss during a consultation.

Swedish full body massage  (60 minutes)   £55
Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage  (30 minutes)   £32
A combination of gentle and firm massage strokes which warm up the muscle tissue, release tension and promote relaxation.

MonuSpa candle pngMonuSpa Candle massage full body   (60 minutes)   £57
MonuSpa Candle massage back , neck and shoulders  (30 minutes)   £34
Warm, melted shea butter enriched with vitamin E and essential oils is used as a massage medium, leaving your skin beautifully moisturised.

Choose from Relaxing (rose & patchouli),  Reviving (grapefruit & lemongrass) or Rejuvenating (jasmine & ylang ylang).

Aromatherapy massage (75 minutes)

Using blended essential oils tailored to your needs. Backs of legs, back, stomach, face, neck, shoulders and scalp are massaged using pressure point movements    £48

Hands massaging female face at the spa

Indian Head massage (30 minutes)
Working on upper back, upper arms, shoulders, neck, face and scalp. This will ease built up tension and help if you are prone to headaches, migraines and sinusitis     £35



Hot Stone back massage  (30 minutes)
Smooth, heated up stones used with MonuSpa massage oil glide smoothly across the surface of your skin, releasing their heat and helping to relieve any aches and pains     £35